When I began my journey of becoming a minimalist, a big part of that was transforming my entire wardrobe with quality and timeless pieces.  Every season, I purchase 1-2 on-trend pieces.  I’m going to share some of my summer staples that I purchased this year since this is my first summer of being a minimalist to give you an example of how I mix and match my favorite items.

My summer wardrobe is made up of a ton of whites and blues but I did recently purchase a pink skirt and yellow top so I’ll share those looks in the next post. I have been in love with J Crew this season, probably because they actually specialize in timeless classics but I definitely purchase many of their items on sale or with birthday coupons!

Below are some items that I’ve put together to build adorable and classic looks! You’ll notice that I repeat a ton of my staples.  Click on the image OR the links below to shop!!

I bought this adorable top from Banana that is super trendy but has a classic look.  It goes with my white jeans and I can wear it with the below wedges or with nude pumps! The white jeans are a classic and I absolutely LOVE this pair of drop earrings (so much so that I try not to wear them EVERYDAY).

This lace up dress is SO versatile! I have worn this dress to work, to dinner, to brunch, AND to a baby shower (all since Memorial Day)! I can wear this with flats or with these awesome wedges that I actually bought last year that go with EVERYTHING!  I actually bought these wedges on sale last year.  They’re currently not on sale but I’m totally eyeing the Navy ones that I would love to own if/when they go on sale.

This white tassel top is ADORABLE! So adorable that my 2 1/2 year old daughter bit one of the tassels after eyeing it for 5 minutes! Haha! These black jeans are my favorite! I’m actually trying not to wear them too much because I don’t want to wear them out.  These Banana Republic shoes come in black too and I have both the silver and the black.  I actually bought these shoes using my Banana Rewards and got them for about $8 each!

I have a purchase ready to be picked up at J Crew tomorrow and a couple of items in the mail from the Nordstrom Sale so I will do another post once I get the items in!

Side note about these earrings – when I first received them, I felt like $50 (which I paid for these on sale and with a coupon) was a lot for a pair of super trendy earrings that may go out of style at some point.  However, as you can see, I wear them with almost everything and they were so worth it!

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